Mo Amer delivers the goods with The Vagabond on Netflix


Mo Amer brings his new special to Netflix. Photo by Netflix

Mo Amer technically isn’t, as the title of his first Netflix comedy special suggests, a “vagabond.” After all, the Kuwait-born comedian became a U.S. citizen back in 2009, after spending his youth in Houston and traveling the world as a stand-up comic for the USO.

The thing is, all of that travel experience - positive and otherwise - has put the Dave Chappelle mentee in a unique place. For at a time when traveling across America’s borders has become an increasingly dangerous prospect for immigrants, Mo Amer has transformed his own stories into a hilariously poignant hour of comedy and satire. Even his virally famous run-in with Eric Trump aboard a 2016 flight to Scotland has made it into the mix.

Then again, so have his pre-citizenship attempts to travel the world without a U.S. passport.

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Nermin MouftiComment